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Murder of Sabya Jacobs

It's hard to believe it's as bad as it is, but the truth is things are only going to get worse. Sabya was my great niece, and it's hard to see things like this happening to our young people. Until man turns his heart to God, and truly make a change things will only get worse. I just pray that Andre will wake up and realize that crime does not pay. Guns are not the way to handle disputes. Guns don't show how big you are, they show how ignorant and senseless you are. What ever happened to talking things out? We sit back and blame everyone for our struggles, and say that certain groups are holding us back, but the truth of the matter is that we are our own worse enemy. A good education has never ever hurt anyone, and we need to take a good look at ourselves, and our children. Mothers need to be mothers and fathers need to be fathers. We need to raise our children in the church, and stop saying it doesn't take all of that, because the truth is that it takes that and more.


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