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Parents can only see drug tests results if teen says ok

Its great they have drug prevention programs for teens. And its correct to recommend that parents be more involved in helping their teen make the right choices, but many teens are involved in afterschool activities, and belong to the youth group at church, and have a pretty good rapport with their parents. But still more than half of teens are experimenting, so its obvious that no matter what an adult does many teens do still make wrong choices. What they need to do is get the state involved. Parents need to be able to be involved and help there teen after they made the wrong choice. State law puts that power in the teens hand. Because when they get caught and parents want to help them and send them for treatment, the state law is that any child over 14 must sign a consent to allow their parents to see the results of any tests given. If they do not sign, then anything done at the treatment center is not shared with the parent. If the teen says they tried smoking pot but did not sign the consent form you will never know if they may have also tried crack or cocaine, etc. The parent lives with them everyday and needs to know if their mood swing is from being a typical teen or an after effect of a drug they are taking. Oh and if your teen is really having issues and you send them to the crisis center to find out if its mental or drug related. They will do a bunch of tests and the parent will be the only one that can not see the results unless the teen consents. You wonder if they should get mental help or substance counseling. Hope that your teen is in the right frame of mind (which they probally wont be if you had to bring them there in the first place) and they sign the consent form. The parent also needs to know if treatment is really helping or are they failing their drug tests every other week. The state allows every counselor, doctor, etc to know. But the parent only with consent. You can ground your child until they sign. Or they may willingly sign. But my question is, why is the state giving the teen a choice over what should be parental rights in the first place. And why are the people handling the hotlines and giving out advice unaware of this law and parents dont find out until after they seek help and ask for test results.


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