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Well for one it is not only in the high schools it is also in the middle schools.I think if the teachers and the administration would open thier eyes and admit that it is a problem then mabey we can start making some progress.And it is in ALL of the high schools and middle schools in this area,not just New Hanover,so everyone stop bashing New Hanover.If I am not mistaken it is not New Hanover that has been in the paper for the (STAR) players being in trouble with drugs.Well until parents start going to the school board and start demanding that something gets done about it then nothing will change.The school board needs to get some kind of program going with the NHCSD or the WPD and let them start running dogs through the halls,check lockers,do something but stop just sitting around like everything is ok.New Hanover School Board members should have to go to the schools at least once a month and just observe,Do your jobs protect the children that go to school to get an education,and get the rest of them out.If they want to run drugs get on the streets,but not in our schools.If you want an education go to school and leave every thing else at home.HELL children you only live once why are you welling to go down this path.Have a great time being a teenager,b/c I asure you when you have to face the real world you will wish you would have changed a lot about you past.So have fun enjoy life,get an education,go on your class trips ,prom,and graduation,then you can be an adult and have adult situations and problems.LEAVE the DRUGS ALONE.There is no future in it but JAIL.


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