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I agree with the person above WHERE WAS HIS WIFE?? Why did she wait 4 hours till after he had left to give her the note..How did he burn the body and no one notice? Has anyone thought about the wife protecting the husband, because she didn't want his career in the Marine Corps ruined due to the rape, because obviously it was his. Another thing don't you think that maybe if he did do this then he would kill himself, unless he's distracting all the attention on him and maybe his wife did it. There's many possible things and I don't think that anyone worked hard to 1. Keep this girl safe like she should've been 2. To get to the bottom in a quicker manner. Also they say a woman (former marine) told them the girl was dead, how did she know? Also it was there mistake on taking someone's word that the victim and Laurean were friendly after she had taken papers out on the rape. 1. If you were friendly with someone after that don't you think that you would have dismissed the allegations? Also WHY IN THE WORLD was the Marine Corps not protecting her? She had to move off Camp Lejuene because she was being harrassed on base. HELLO!! Also no matter what this guy should've been kept in custody due to the fact that he was already a suspect in her rape. I also read online that they were trying to say she was a compulsive liar and bi polar, why would they let someone in the military that is bi polar they could snap in a minute and shoot someone. Also don't you think that she would've dismissed the allegations if she was lying because someone would've found out and she would've gotten in trouble. I feel really bad for this family and I feel bad that it took soo long to find all these things that might could've found this girl sooner.


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