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Accused rapist

I have so many questions regarding this whole horrible event. First of all, once accused of rape, why wasn't he held, just as any citizen accused of the same crime would be? Instead of making this young woman feel like a criminal, why wasn't she protected? Why was it so easy to make her sound unstable and unreliable, instead of helping her? The media is not innocent of this either. They made this young woman look like the worst possible witness to a crime! Other pregnant woman who have come up missing in the past were potrayed for what they were, victims! But not in this instance. They didn't treat her like a victim until her charred body was found. From the earliest report of her disappearance, I felt there was something deeper and she had not just "run away" to hide from the trial or have her baby in secret. I am saddened by the events, and the Corps response to this young woman's plight; and what looks like a case of protecting the accused instead of the victim.


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