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poor maria

I think Maria left work at 12 noon fri the 14th ,went to the atm withdrew$700,then went to sgt durhmans house where she was renting a room, and left him a note saying she was leaving.she packed her bag and went to the bus station and got a ticket at 5pm.she then went to laureans house to tell him she was dropping the charges and was leaving town on a bus on sat the 15th.she was waiting at their house when cesar and christina returned from the xmas party shitfaced.she was dragged into the house and they both beat her to death and pilaged her purse. the wife leaves to get cleaning supplies an cesar drives marias car to the bus station.the wife picks him up and brings him home.cesar runs to the neighbor for a shovel and THEY burn the bodies,bloody clothes,bloddy baseballbat,etc using torn down fence wood and a massive amount of gasoline.and THEY clean and paint inside the house.THEY also tie the dog in front of the house instead of the backyard to keep him from barking and going nuts over the corpses.thinking all their problems are over they have a shindig (using money $400 cesar steals from using marias atm on dec 24) in their backyard with friends to celebrate.cesar gets scared and takes of @6:30 am fri jan 11th,christina write a cya note and runs to her commanding officer.the note is full of bullshit like maria slit her own throat,lie,was buried in the woods,lie, to make it look like the wife didnt know what happened.she knew.she participated.she must have cut a deal.I think maria drove there because I dont think these 2 idiots would want her car at their house.maybe maria went there to appoligiise.maybe she did have sex with cesar but it wasnt rape.maybe she was raped but mistoke her attacker for cesar.maybe she cried rape because cesar sucked her into a relationship based on lies.


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