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Thank the the media once again...

I thought in the media you were supposed to pose a neutral question. Why would you name the topic the "downtown party shuttle"? I'm sure that the studentbody president didn't propose it as such. Students could want a ride to get something to eat, play pool, socialize, or even drink if they want. Its a free contry isn't it? Besides that, there are car-less students you know! And people are talking as if it is their money being wasted. In all realness it is the students' money being wasted when they could be paying to go to a university that is more oriented around the needs of their students and provide such services. My univerity had bus routes to the mall/restaurants, walmart, downtown(early day and late night), and to our apartments/dorms. Hell; if Wilmington had better public transportation they wouldn't have needed to ask the school in the first place. Lets leave the past and make our way to the future.


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