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YOU are the one guilty of stupid and irrational arguments.

Oh boy...this will be fun. First, I am a local 911 telecommunicator. I answer 911 telephone calls, and I dispatch for every law, fire, and EMS agency in this county. Therefore, I do believe that I am qualified and quite capable of addressing certain points of your comments. Second, UNCW sits inside the city limits, not to mention smack dab in the middle of the county. To assert that nothing involving UNCW or its students should be the concern of city/county residents is ridiculous. Let me prove this on the most basic level: When one of the precious little darlings - on or off campus - does something irresponsible and calls for help, where do you suppose that phone call goes? That's any one of the consoles in the New Hanover County 911 Public Safety Communications Center. Our time (which is paid for by tax money from both the city and the county) is then spent dealing with students. WE don't look at it as assisting outsiders, and therefore neither should you. The campus, the city, and the county ARE intertwined. When the students decide to go downtown and get drunk, they affect citizens beyond the campus. When the students decide to stay on campus and get drunk...or burn food in their dorm rooms...or set of fire alarms due to "smoking" inside their buildings, their actions affect the citizens of the city and the county. Having to respond to the students and their silliness means that another person calling 911 has to wait. Because the campus and the students impact citizens from the city AND the county, those very citizens do indeed have every right to engage in this particular discussion. I for one would be all in favor of a tax-funded shuttle to help drunken and/or irresponsible students. That would mean fewer 911 calls from drunk college students calling 911 to demand a free ride home...or a free visit by a locksmith to come unlock their cars (something the citizens of the city and county do NOT receive unless their child or animal is locked in the car)...etc. IF and ONLY if the university ever decides to build a concrete wall and place a moat around all of its borders, then and ONLY then will citizens of the city and the county have no right to a discussion about the students' business. YOU are the one who needs to grow up. Stop thinking only of yourself, because guess what...just like the campus is inside the city AND the county, YOU live in OUR world. It's now YOUR turn to sit down and shut up with YOUR stupid and irrational arguments.


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