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Off the chain

YOU are OFF THE CHAIN, and therefore, it's difficult to take what you say seriously. No one is arguing that college kids should not ever engage socially, party, or drink. What we ARE advocating is that they take personal responsibility for their actions. If they are college students, they are at least 18 years old. (Hint: This country considers the age of 18 as know, no longer a minor but an adult.) The rest of us have to take responsibility for our actions, and it should be no exception for you precious little students. Having worked in Finance within the NC University System, I can also assure you that VERY FEW students pay full tuition. In fact, more than half of all students enrolled in public universities receive financial aid. Furthermore, the majority of students who do receive financial aid have more than 50% of their tuition paid through financial aid. Therefore, don't even try to squeeze blood from anyone's heart because you simply do not bear the financial burden you would have us believe you do. One more thing...I DID attend college. I hold a Master's in business. I made it through college without even one episode of drunken irresponsibility. You can too. Try it's called being a responsible adult, and it's a skill you should try to acquire sooner rather than later, preferably by the time you graduate.


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