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*Rumors* about "Da Plane"

Why is it that all the people showing up for the grand jury are taking the fifth? No one is talking. And what is with that airplane? ---------------------------------------- Does anyone remember the Mid-late 70's and then Sheriff Strong, (if I remember correctly, In Columbus County, U-haul trucks of Marijuana getting stopped, Secret Air strips, Brunswick Drug/Shrimp boats, ?) In connection with the Cocolor FBI investigation way back then?,Quite a few of the *old names*, such as Relatives of RH & Company were involved, (distant cousins etc, ) from long time families in Brunswick Co. I think RC. Soles had some accusations also, from those times... Now, I'm going too QUOTE this *RUMOR* * Disclaimer*: *SPECULATION* *GROWS* First quote: Planes without "lights" flying tree top level up the Lockwood Folly River from the Ocean... Stories told about a Commercial fisherman's boat being boarded by *police* on Southports commercial dock onto a snapper boat/drugs taken/Guys were "roughed up"/never charged.....Told "not" too try it again as "they" controlled "the business". Officers "already" having been charged with Drug Trafficking... 70's/ 1980's Part duex? Next post..... QUOTE: There was this fellow who used too have one of those "air Boats" over in Sunset Harbor... Time frame from July 01/02 This other fellow was fishing at Varnums Shrimp Dock, (Beacon 1 Seafood), around the hours between 10 and 2 AM in the mornings during the Summer...He was also there too keep eyes on the Shrimp boats parked there because of possible Vandalism on Beacon 1's Shrimp Docks/house.(kids/drunks) This fellow was just Fishing and thought that feller from across the bay got too drinking and took His Airboat for a ride one night, it's LOUD and sounds like a dern plane... This guy, looking down river expecting too "see" the Air~boat come up river, saw instead as the Sound grew LOUDER, the outline of a Turbo-Prop twin engine plane fly right straight up the River... With NO Navigation Lights, At Tree top level... He could see the glare of the instrument panel as it "flew by" Scared the Be-Jesus outta Him... Over the course of the summer, while fishing, This guy would "hear/see" this plane several more times during the Summer, Either on a Wensday/Thursday night... Flying tree-top level, no lights, coming in from the Ocean, disappearing up-river over the tree-tops..Up the Lockwood Folly Watershed. So the "RUMOR" goes.... My Opinion, It's VERY Rural and perfect, if I was flying like that too land across 17/211 intersection into the gamelands with plenty of cleared blocks, with straight dirt roads that you could landa small plane, (yes I've been out there at some of the hunt camps..) I see there's Alot of RH Hewett Supports here, though, If you happen too get on the "wrong side" of Him or His Supporters, this includes and not Limited too, Gore's Grisset's Robinson's Hewett's (Caucasian) Hewett's (colored) Did you know they were "ONE" family at one time? Varnum Holden's List goes on... and *Cronies*, You're in for a bad time in BC. Just sayin... Long time BC native....


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