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They need capital?

"Capital that JP Morgan and Wells Fargo desperately need." Before making such a statement, I'd suggest that you take a look at the cash reserves these two banks have on hand. Both of these banks have more than enough to weather the current storm, which, by-the-way, is being talked up into a hurricane by Democrats and liberal economists who will push their professional ethics to the back burner for the sake of their left-wing goals. There are lots of Chicken Littles out there, but large hail doesn't mean the sky is falling. But oh, what a great issue for November...even if it is more than a bit exaggerated! (Sad to say, they're succeeding in their goal...) Yes, the economy is slowing, but slow-downs and even recessions are just as much a part of the economic cycle as the boom times. We're not teetering on disaster, and the LAST thing we need is the government to increase the deficit by creating some politically awesome (but economically inconsequential) giveaway. With few exceptions, history has shown that the one thing more injurious to the economy than high oil prices or inflation is politicians trying to tinker with it to . Meanwhile, smart people are taking some of their profits from oil and buying the really strong banks which Wall Street has beaten into the basement along with those that should be in the basement. The strong, well-capitalized banks are not going anywhere. Their stocks may not be a sky-rocket ride to riches, but in years to come, you'll be very glad you bought the banks while they were cheap.


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