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And let's not forget the ever popular state sponsered gambling, the NC Educational Lottery. I posted the following in the newer article about the SBI investigating the shooting (the quoted parts are from that article, not this one). Whether either will show up or not...: "They said there were people going in and out of the business constantly and at all hours of the night." Sounds like jealousy to me. It is a BUSINESS after all. People ARE going to be going in and out. "Also that each time someone would go to the door, they would have to knock, then be let into the business." And this is a crime? Gee, how many clubs of varying types will only let certain people in? Again, sounds like jealousy because someone wasn't let in. "And on some occasions, the owner, William Inman, would serve as a bouncer, ..." Gee, how many clubs or even businesses in general have some form of security? I guess it's illegal only if you're in the right position and get turned down for admittance. Again, jealousy. As to the gun, that has yet to be fully determined. As much as I personally oppose weapons, if he had a legal right to carry, then it shouldn't have been considered against him. After all, if it were seen, then it isn't concealed. As to the gambling, I've already heard enough of the hypocrisy about "video poker machines are immoral and criminal but a state funded lottery is moral and legal because government officials are making something extra off of it". It's truly idiotic for authority figures to complain about gambling machines and call the players criminals (which HAS been done) and to turn around and not make such claims against those who play or support the lottery (which IS gambling). So, yes, the SBI SHOULD be investigating. And more than just the shooting, quite frankly. Andrew


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