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Birth rates abortion

Its good abortions are down its sad to think of all the young kids that int here today cause us grown-ups were to greedy to raise them.I was not willing to have a kid then I found out my wife was pregnant and we thought about aborting the baby.I am so glad we did'nt I love my son and can't live with out him.I love hearing him say I love you dad it brakes my heart.It is sad most people like we were going to have a abortion because we cared more about our selfs and are wallets then raiseing a kid.I thank God every day for giveing me my son and am ashamed I cared more about my wallet then if my son lives.Any ways if a parent wants abortion they should be allowed but take time to think.Because if we went through with abortion I would not see my little boy here today I love him so much.


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