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Faheem: The Love of My Life (True, Genuine Love)

May the LOVE OF MY LIFE soul rest peacefully. I am Faheem's girlfriend, THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE from Chicago,IL. We have been together for what would have been a year on Feb.16,2008. We met in Las Vegas, ALL-STAR weekend, Bally's Hotel. From the moment I met him we were inseparable. I have talked to him everyday from that moment on. We were long distanced but it worked. He made it his priority to make sure we seen each other every month; whether I traveled to NC(Raleigh, Wilmington, Charlotte) or whether he made his trip to Chicago. I would like to thank his sister Lanita Granger, brother Eric, friends Daddy Grace, Carlos and Pete for their support during my trip to NC for his passing. They say God does not make mistakes but I know he made one with taking Fox. He took away my Heart, my Friend, my Companion,my Protector and my Provider. My heart goes out to his family and esp. his sons(whom I did not meet, but planned to this very weekend 2/15/08). I know your dad for the oldest son, would want u 2get it together with school and not 2linger towards the streets(so u did not like your job @Dunkin Donuts I think that was it, can't really recall. Your dad told me he had u doing a little grill cleaning also). As 4 the youngest I feel sorry 4u & esp your mom(u know how u played him). Now u really do not have to worry about letting him see his son, whom will not have the chance to know just how crazy his dad was for him. And as for Anquinette Dickerson, u & I both know what u & he had was over(how sad to ruin his orbituary). I am just so glad that I was able to spend that weekend(1/11-1/14) with him b4 this tragedy happened. We were in the process of opening up the kids shoe store 'Kreativ Soles' on Castle next to the daycare & we had plans on me moving to NC at the end of April. Today is your B-Day Love and our Anniversary on the 16th, when we promised to get friendship bands. The greatest I have ever known has been taken & I do not think I will meet another. I cannot wait until we reunite in Heaven where I know u will open the Gates for me. I long for his touch, to hear his voice to & wake up next to him. As for Rasheed, the brother I seen from the car & glad I never met. U have detroyed & hurt so many with the jealously and greed u possess. My confidence in Christ is strong and I trust & believe that when God comes b4 u, it will DEFINITELY NOT BE A MISTAKE. HOW COULD U?


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