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Don Burton

I am afraid you don't know Don at all. You may have met him but you did not know him for 40 years. His mother decided on her own to move away and sell her home. She had good reasons. None of which we will discuss here. She called her daughter to come and get her without his knowledge because she was afraid to confront him on her own. She is an elderly frail woman who was afraid to live there with him any longer. You really don't know what you are talking about. Who lives with their mother at age 50 and lives off of her. She paid his bills for 4 years and he drove her car and paid the insurance and gas. She paid all the bills and he took money from her. She left because of that, not because of Don's sister. If there is anything to say about the sister it is this: She is one of the most responsible caring people you will ever meet and she took her mother out of a dangerous and volatile situation. She had to get her out by her mother's own wishes. The mother does not want to go back and should not go back ever!!!!! Don needs to take care of himself and not live off of his 70 year old mother!!!!!!! You don't know any of the things that happened to his mom in the last 4 years and the family is very thankful that his mother is out of his control!!!!


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