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reply to Good luck Don

I see your point that Don should not have done something this crazy. But where is the responsibility here? How could someone cause him to hold someone against their will? It seems to me to be a cry for attention. Why is anyone blaming the family? Where does Don take responsibility for his own actions? You have to admit that a man of his age should be able to support himself without the help of his mother. Using the mother as an excuse does not make sense to me. You don't commit a felony because your mom decides to move. Don needs to stand up and not blame anyone for his own problems. Moving out of your mothers house is not a reason to commit a crime. And, BTW, about the kidnapping, did this woman live there? Was someone living in his mom's house without the mother's knowledge? You do know that Don paid nothing to live there right? You do know that the mother paid all of the bills for the house even though she was in another state? This really does not make any sense to me at all... I am close to this situation and I know the truth.... If you know something that I don't know, please inform me... I am not on anyone's side, I care about Don, the mother and the sister... Does anyone care about the woman who called the police? No mention of her! She is the one that people should write about. How did Don get himself in this situation? That is the real Question? You can't blame his mother or sister for him sitting in jail right now. This is his doing and I hope it turns out ok for him and all involved....


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