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Since the airing of the report on gang activities in our community, there have been many responses to the featured video hosted by To correct the editorial of wect, the video has actually been online for far longer than the few weeks mentioned. Its original release was in 2005 through a locally produced DVD Magazine that included similar videos. Being readily available to the public for nearly three years, it seems to be the work of a journalist falling short of his or her periodic negative news quota that has brought the video out to a negative light. As we all know, the news media has an obligation to its network to maintain a constant flurry of this so called "juicy" coverage used capture and maintain the attention of viewers subdued by non-newsworthy content which seems to be the majority of what is reported daily. For example the television show "COPS" has been one of the most viewed televesion programs for many years. And this highly viewed programing commands a higher price for advertising slots which exponentially increases a network's revenue. In todays society most people are motivated by what they are force fed. Violence,sex,money etc.. So in essence, this news report is truly fuel to this fire and those who chose to negatively comment on the video are just victims of the media's minipulation of the watchers. So comments that touch on ideas of possible solutions to the "harmful" effects of gang activity would reflect what society should really expect as the outcome of news coverages.


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