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why the racist comments?

To everyone that has something negative to say about the video the only thing i can tell you is to just not watch it so many people choose to pass judgement on things they have no idea about and for all of you that choose to talk the rap ARTIST does not live in the projects or ghetto or whateva you all choose to say we don't say anything about yall little vidoes on CMT where yall talkin about leaving your women and gettng drunk this site is full of RACIST pigs who choose to talk about things they don't know anything about this video is old from a couple years ago and the news channel should be ashamed for allowing these comments to be posted and you know it's not only AFRICAN AMERICAN'S that get public housing and other benefits what do you think a trailer park is???? so before you call my brother scum go get some of your family members out the trailer park and out the homeless shelters and then talk about someone are yall mad or jealous because he was holding up thousands of dollars some of yall can't even count that high or haven't seen that much money in yall life so just stop the nonsense and take care of yall own family and stop worrying about mine thanks so much


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