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You really have no idea what

You really have no idea what you are talking about. The Wilmington Police Department is constantly in all the areas that you have mentioned. The police district that Creekwood and Houston Moore are in, usually has at most 4 officers working that area. That may sound like a lot but unfortunately that's a good size area to cover. Not only that you have to take into consideration that they have to take other call and can't just sit in that area. If they get a domestic or a fight call, 2 officers respond. When arrest have to be made, that takes away an officer for an average of an hour or more depending on how busy the magistrate is. The officers do what they call "focus patrol" through out their shift. Most of the time, they are focused in those high crime areas. The main problem isn't that the officers are scared, it's that there aren't enough officers on the street. Before you start to critize the job that those officers do, step up and do something on your end. Go to the city counsel meetings and fight for the money to hire more officers to put on the street or better yet, go to the City of Wilmington webpage, and print out an application for that job. If you think you can do it better go for it. Walk a day in their shoes and see how it feels to read bs like this that people post when they have no idea what's going on.


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