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Nausea over the waste

As a typical white guy with the less than stellar grades in high school and no real resources to fall back on in life other than good old fashioned elbow grease... I have had to work side jobs in grocery stores where the people shopping using government supplied welfare ate way better than everyone else that came through the line. Then the real cash comes out for the beer and cigarettes. Then (groceries) this has to be hauled out to the new or at least newer cars than I, who works hard each and every day, can not afford. It's disgusting that the establishment gives rewards for being fat, lazy, criminal, and unmotivated to make improvements in their own lives. Politicians need term limits and freeloading burdens of society need limits on how much and long they can sit of their fat backsides. I personally hate to feel this way, but "black-on-black" punk street gang crime eliminates a few less desirables from the gene pool every day. And if there were not so many people thriving in that situation, then there would not be that much of a gang murder rate. People that look like gang members, wanna be gang members, or hang out in high crime areas do NOT need to be treated like everyday law abiding citizens. I say profile the crap out of them and do some damn good.


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