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mrdallis from YouTube

You write so well, it almost lends credence to your post.........Why did you remove the video in this article? I have viewed many of your other 58 videos on YouTube Sir. Your depressing/disturbing little movies that you so proudly display for the world to see. Is it your plan to find the most illiterate, ignorant, Ebonics speaking, trash mouthed African Americans and put them on display? Why? to create more of the so called "media manipulation" you wrote of? What you do is SHOW us exactly what we are thinking about these people is true. You do more harm than you know to the young people you video. You give them some false hope that they may actually be doing something good for themselves when we all know that rappers are a dime a dozen and not respected/accepted by the main stream. The world they create for themselves is deluded and very small. Perhaps you could put your money and energy into helping some of these kids get a new outlook on life, go back to school, keep a job, be a real role model for the younger generation and not a part of the problem. I also find it a little strange and disheartening that you appear to be white on your photo. Do you have a real job Sir?


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