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In a short summary, I must say that I use youtube as a vehicle to spear into the media through contraversy. As in most cases in the urban music industry self promotion is what will get you pass the long line of hopefuls. Reguardless of the -/+ aspects of the approach the outlined goal is to gain attention. But of course once given this attention you must either maintain that magnetic pulse or bow down gracefuly. For example, pop celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan have teamed up with publicists daily to maintain spotlight through similar acts. And in those cases they actually fell victim to the devious plan becoming true whores and adicts. The artist featured in the video may have actually been a gang member,but does that make him any different than those pop stars for having an approach that inflames tax paying citizens of his county. Not a bit, because if he were to have this story latch on to the national platform his video would have been as effective of the plots of Hilton & Lohan publicists. It is a cold society as we know,but with my short time on this planet I have to move strategically in order to make an impact on masses. So because I capture them through a negative outlet,it doesnt meant that they cant be converted to a positive which is my ultimate intention. Once a man removed thousands from their native land and tought them to worship a new god and speak a new language. Once a man captured undomesticated animals and tought them to behave like humans. And the photo used on the youtube page was simply an avatar.


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