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Shallotte - be afraid. Be very afraid.

The story should read: Shallotte is the lastest small town in the sights of developers who intend to line their pockets while turning Southeastern North Carolina into Long Island II. Now that Wilmington, Hampstead, and a large portion of the Leland and Southport areas have been destroyed, many wonder how long the small town will retain any of the qualities that make it an enjoyable place to live. Using innocuous terms such as "improving waterfront access" and "more commercial use," developers have been accused of actually erecting walls of McMansions to block water access to all but those who can afford it, while lining roads with small, micro-strip-mall shops that will sit empty most of the time. Scientists blame the disease on two viruses. Arrogantus yankee-um, started spreading out from the Northeast in the early Seventies. Maryland had been destroyed by 1990, Virginia by 2004, and now the Carolinas are suffering. The second virus, Greedus gooberus, combines with the first to sell out and destroy any semblance to small, rural America, replacing it with something resembling the true, natural beauty of East Meadow, Levvittown, or the Cross-Bronx Expressway. Judging from history, opponents to the development will be well advised to flee, rather than waste their time complaining to suddenly deaf county supervisors and city councils. About the author: Commonsensenotcommontoday left New York City in 1970 because it was such a hell-hole, and wandered into North Carolina three years later. He found paradise BUT, as opposed to more recent arrivals, never wanted to improve it, or "give it a face lift." He is constantly baffled by people who move here because it's "so nice, so peaceful, so inexpensive," and then vote for referendums and leaders (ha!) who are dedicated to destroy all the reasons they moved here. Personal note - If I had known that two-million of you Vandals were going to follow me down here to sack Rome, I'd have kept on moving and likely be in Tierra del Fuego by now. Leave Shallotte alone!


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