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Commonsensenotcommontoday: You may leave then

Since Commonsensenotcommontoday made here first he wants to be the one to put up the walls to keep everyone else out. Walls of complaining and statements against improvements do more harm than any physical walls of developers because he wants to stop American capitalism and leave everything "as is". Yes Shallotte is a beautiful town but it does need plenty of improvements. People will continue to come to the area and yes many are from the US northeast. Why are so many yankees coming to this area? Because they can. Higher education standards in the northeast lead to better jobs; better jobs lead to competitive working environments; competitive working environments have led Americans to push the boundaries of innovation and that is why the USA is the world leader on so many levels. (A majority of the USA GDP comes from the northeast.) If the southeast can not keep up- like any area, business or team of any kind- it will be taken over by others. If you want to make a difference educate, innovate and take action. That is what the people of Shallotte are trying to do. Why are they doing it now? Because many are originally from the northeast and their American spirit lives strong, just like Commonsensenotcommontoday did back in the 70's. I applaud the people of Shallotte in their efforts to move forward, embrace change and make the Shallotte area better for generations to come.


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