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Nice try, but....

....I was born and raised up there. Anyone who has visited the Northeast knows that it's NOTHING to copy. The rush hour stinks just as badly when you're stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Market Street in Ogden, as when you're stuck on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Taxes that keep increasing because of ever-expanding local government sting just as badly in North Carolina as in New Jersey. Odd, that you sing the praises of the Northeast, but you won't stay there! So this MUST be a "misery loves company" plot, because you're all so happy to get out of there, but then you start trying to make "here" just like "there." The only thing Shallotte needs is less people....and maybe a couple of gas stations on the bypass, to make sure the Vandals can make it all the way to Myrtle Beach without running out of gas! But no....Shallotte will probably be drawing up plans for a convention center soon.....or maybe a spur off that Raleigh to Wilmington light rail/bottomless money-pit they're talking about. No reason for Wilmington to hog all the red ink....growth, growth, growth,'s ALL that matters. Little did the Southerners realize that they'd face a second invasion that would make Sherman look like a cake-walk. He burned it all down but they re-built. They'll never be able to re-build a world that is vanishing right before their eyes.


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