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Write to Easley, write to Cooper, write to your legislators

Bring Project Exile to North Carolina, NOW. Turn this case over to the US Attorney for that area and when convicted of violating the law banning firearm possession by a convicted felon, the maggot faces an immediate five years in prison. It is ideal for cases just like this. Let's face it - the guy may be charged with attempted armed robbery, but if he never actually said, "Gimme da money" to anyone, entered the store, brandished the firearm, etc, that charge is going to be dismissed. Project Exile worked in Richmond, it worked in the Tidewater area, it worked in Atlanta (where it was called FACE5) and it will work here. Convicted felon with a firearm? Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. (Plus, the state is always free to prosecute for the underlying crime, if there is one.)


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