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Mr. Garza

Mr. Garza was in all likelihood trying to help thse 2 guy's in some way,To them he looked like an easy mark.It is all bad no matter how you look at it. Violent crime is already in Wilm.and the worst is still yet to come from outlying areas. I feel the plan put into "action" if that is what you want to call it by the semi-new Police Chief is clearly not working and need to be at the very least tweaked. Maybe he needs a little help from someone that can run a PD in their town near the same size as Wilm. Couldn't hurt.. Right?? To proud to ask then HIS boss need's to ask. I lived in the lil Texas town he came from and he had the same problem there and when I lived there we were quite a bit smaller that Wilm. I was shocked when he was hired here, because I had seen him in action daily as I was married to a patrol officer that worked with the Chief. It was and seems still is a case of too many chiefs and not enough indians. To Mr. Garza's family, my thought's and prayers are with you in this horrific time that you are going through. Many people are wishing you hope and caring. My last gasp, Keep on the police daily, do not let them put you off, talk to supervisors, go down there at least twice a week between calls. DO NOT LET THEM FORGET Mr. Garza.


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