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Get your facts right first.

Ok, sorry about your friend. But what the hell are you talking about when it comes to "staying on the PD" about this. It sounds like your trying to say that Wilmington PD is primary in this case. If so you are lost my friend. WPD shouldn't have anything to do with this other than he owned a home here. This is a Pender and Johnston Co. case. WPD has no jurisdiction in this crime. So why would you even hint that the Chief is incompetent? How about you get the facts straight before you are so critical next time. You have no idea what you are talking about here. You said....."My last gasp, Keep on the police daily, do not let them put you off, talk to supervisors, go down there at least twice a week between calls."...... Again I do not understand half of what you wrote but maybe you should try the responsible agency first. Maybe the reason you feel like you are being "blown off" is because nobody at the WPD knows what the hell your talking about. Thank god you're not investigating this horrible crime.


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