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Cell Phone Scams

As an employee for a major wireless company, I would like to comment on tonights Troubleshooters. The thing a lot of customers do not realize is that these charges are coming from 3rd party billers and its not something the wireless company can actually remove. For example: The commercials that are advertised on TV to text the word "JOKE" to 99777 (or similar) and get daily jokes, horoscopes, weather, etc are the same companies that have websites that tell you to enter your cell phone number in to get free ringtones. The only way the customer can actually get these charges removed from their bill is to either 1)Text the word "STOP" or "QUIT" to the 5 digit number that shows up beside the charge on their bill or 2)Go to that companies website and send an email to request removal from their list. As a customer service representative in the wireless industry, I see bills on a daily basis with these types of charges on them. 9 times out of 10, the child or young adult has inadvertantly signed up without realizing there would be a monthly charge. I don't agree with these companies misleading the customers, however, the reporter made the comment that if viewers noticed charges on their bills to contact their cell phone providers to have them removed and that's not something we can just "take off". Thank you.


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