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My feeling on it this -- if

My feeling on it this -- if you want to ruin your own health by smoking, fine. I can respect that. But the thing about smoking is that it doesn't just affect the smoker. It affects those around them. And I'm sure some of you smokers or smoker's advocates reading this are thinking, "well, if you don't like it, eat somewhere else." But the thing that is wrong with that statement is THAT I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO. If I am going to go to a restaurant and choke, I would rather it be on the food than the cancer/emphysema/heart disease stick someone insists on having after their caesar salad. You want a cigarette after eating, THEN GET UP, WALK OUT, INGEST YOUR FIVE MINUTES OF SMOKE, and come back in!! You are entitled to that in this state just as much as I am entitled not to feel like I'm dying while you do.


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