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Salt Works, smoking doesn't!

I think I was in the Salt Works about ten years ago eating a late lunch with some friends from my work crowd. Some were smokers and some were not. I of course never thought about the smoking options, I was a big eater and knew some of the best places to go. Hence this writing... Not far away at a table in the restaurant there was a young couple and their small children. Admiring the close bond they had and the beautiful young couples love of and attention to their children it struck me that they were becoming uncomfortable. About apparently, some of those in our group smoking. The older of the children definitely didn't like the smell and was starting to complain. The younger of the children was just a baby that could no more speak of what was bothering him than drive a car. But it was obvious. From that day on I never took people I worked with to "family" places to eat, for fear of their smoking bothering someone like that tiny baby that could no more control that he was in that restaurant that day than complain about it in a comprehensible way. That baby didn't ask for a great big lungful of stale second hand smoke. And anyone that thinks this is OK is just a cruel ruthless villain that needs to be banned from the better eating establishments around this town and nation. Nuff said.


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