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Why don't the Marine Corps just take custody of the guy after the dude makes it back to the U.S. after a no capital punishment hearing for his murder of this girl and just starve him to death. I wouldn't cry, he might, we know she didn't. The Marines can take him after he is back, even after an agreement with Mexico, hmm.. did you realize that the U.S. is still under the threats of war and the war acts still are in process? Desertion in wartime is a punishable crime by death. The future of this guy might be good, actually much less than good. He is still in the Jacksonville area, letting his hair grow out, waiting to leave. His cousin in Mexico seeing him was just a ruse, so was the ID's at the bus station. and the other stuff...? He is going to take a slow boat home, and the Marine Corps ain't going to know jack crap about it. He is well trained. He has made to many moves broadcasting that fact that he is anywhere than where they think he originally was. Check back with me on that,


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