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That's not a surprise at all. Play video poker, and you're a dangerous criminal who should be shot. Play the NC lottery, and you're benefiting the state (since, according to recent articles, you certainly aren't benefiting your local schools). BTW, how did the officer KNOW, before checking it afterwards, that it was a "loaded" gun? I guess it's like Deputy Long "OMG! He has something black in his hand! :: bang bang ::" Oops! Lucky for the officer involved, the same didn't turn out to be true. Oh, wait... luck wasn't involved. As with Strickland, they had enough excuse to blame the victim. Inman may not have been a saint in the innocence dept., he was carrying a weapon though he was a felon, but the REASON the officers went there in the first place was for the video poker machines, not for the illegal weapon. And the officers went in armed to shoot the "dangerous criminals that are video poker players". One has to wonder if, when this officer shoots his next citizen, and they prove to be unarmed, will this incident with Inman count against him or will it be as if he never drew his gun? Andrew


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