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Go Figure

Scenario 1; A man breaks into your home, you shoot him in the ass, he dies because that's where his brains are, you get arrested and charged because he was running away. Scenario 2; NHCSD knocks on the door while you're playing PS3, you go to answer the door, your dog gets shot and you get shot in the head through the door by the NHCSD swat team, oops, mistake, and no one gets charged.(Peyton Strickland) Scenario 3; You get arrested and put in jail for not completing community service, a jailer slams you to the concrete floor and breaks your neck, then puts you in a van and drives you to Raleigh instead of the local hospital, you die from the injuries, no one charged. Video camera in jail just happened to be broken, officers get to (re-create) what happened, you loose again. (Gary Rumor) Point being; If you break ANY law, you stand a chance of being shot or killed by law enforcement. If you brake the law while holding public office, you'll be given every opportunity to prove your innocence and receive full pension after being charged, convicted and get out of prison after a short term. (Thomas Wright, Jim Black, Meg Scott Phipps...)


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