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Homelessness is an industry "Poverty Pimps"

Of course, a large percentage of the money we all give, sometimes because of intimidation, to organizations like the United Way is going to be siphoned off for frivolous patronage projects like surveys and studies. Some will be used for galas and cocktail parties-it's about how you raise money-not how you spend it! A portion will be used to move the headquarters for the "Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness" out to Shell Island where they won't be constantly bothered and put-upon by poor people. I do it myself and go out of my way to help people whenever afforded the situation. I hate poverty pimps. Making six figures under the guise of helping the downtrodden is much like claiming that God wants us to kill in His name-very distasteful, indeed. So my strong suggestion to everyone here in Wilmington is to bypass and leave out the cocktail set who are more often after kudos and social status (and good pay) rather than in it for the good work they can accomplish. Either do something yourself to help someone hold on to their home and their dignity or give generously directly to a charity or organization you have personally vetted. Don't waste your money by giving it to some lame- brain debs like the United Way who have next to no idea what their mission is or whom they serve. When Jesus said that "The poor will always be with you." He was gazing disappointedly at the Junior League and sorority-sister stay-at-home new rich-and organizations that put looking good ahead of doing good...and He was sighing.


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