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Reply to Joe Citizens comments of "Poverty Pimps"

Joe Citizen, your comments on the United Way were fierce and over the top. The United Way helps many organizations, and for many of the non-profits, it is their financial backbone. I don't know why you would attack this organization, but those comments are completely unwarranted. I hope that you do as you say, that is, help people whenever you can. Because attacking an organization that helps others shows poor character and is, in my opinion, classless. This cocktail set that you speak of may indeed exist, but it does not apply to the United Way nor does any of the statements you made. And furthermore, if this cocktail set does exist, why should it matter what the motives are? If people want to help others for social status, they are still helping others, not wasting their time criticizing others and making brainless generalizations. Your ficticious attacks on the staff of the United Way are vicious. These are people who get paid next to nothing yet work their hearts out for what they believe in-helping others. Again, your ridiculous name-calling shows your level of class. I don't know the reason for homelessness. All I do know is that it is a chronic problem, and the popular belief that they are degenerates and hopeless has been completely ineffective in resolving this problem. It makes people like you, who mindlessly generalize people, turn the other way and feel fine doing it. For future reference, try saving your vicious rhetoric for your shallow-minded cohorts.


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