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How's about, you could Move into Wilmington, Then you could worry about Prostitutes, crack dealers, drug users, drunks,Drunk Drivers, (yes even in the Morning), Hoards of Homeless people, Male Hispanic's "kidnapping" your child, please do tell, your problem again? Not knowing the people, YOUR NEIGHBORS, down the road? I agree with a previous poster, Looks like you could "walk" down too the Bus-stop, it's healthy for you.. AND your daughter, looks like She could use the exercise.. I know I do, every morning, Me and My S.O., rain or shine..With our 3, 16~17 year old daughters.. You ought too ty it sometime, Meet your neighbors, talk with them, you may find something in common, becoming Life-long friends and Neighbors. Whom May *look-out" for suspicious activity on your *rural* dirt road.. In addition,Besides, whats 20 minutes out of YOUR life compared too that of a 8 year old child's, if the Bus is arriving early OR late.. either way.. Or buy the bus Driver a TRAC FHONE, buy the minutes, it's 30.00 total(phone + minutes), to have the driver call you when the *time* is close for the child to be dropped of.. Less expensive than a GPS.. Yes, I used too live off Mt. Misery road.. There's a reason Why it's named such... (really just kidding).. For those of you that complain about *shelter* for kids, it's as old as the hills, the complaint I mean.. Our Parent's, grand-parents etc. done this, I guess WE can to... Then Again, I walked 2 miles to school, snowing, 2nd hand shoes.. Walked; UP-HILL both ways,, ahhhhh, those were the days...


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