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Those who have replied.

Wow! I agree that the parents should be there in anticipation of the bus arriving to ensure their child's safety. I also agree that there should be some guideline in place about safety of rural bus stops or any for that matter, and leaving a child unattended. Frankly the school is not dropping her off "in the middle of nowhere." It is where the parents have chosen to live and call home. A child 8 years old is old enough to be home alone according to the fire law that DSS uses justify when a child can remain unattended and when they cannot. I don't agree with those of you sitting here taking pot shots at an innocent child, or her family about their weight. Are you in elementary school yourself? Very well they could equip their child with a cell phone that she could use to notify them herself in the event the bus was going to be early. My concern is that the media has now advertised to any potential predator that their is a child vulnerable and have even gone so far as to give there names and a photo!


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