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I don't think you have to live in Wilmington to see drug deals going down. I live in Brunswick County and have witnessed many deals going down right in the middle of the road, only feet away from a bus stop. Isn't it weird that the police can't see this same thing? Maybe they do, who knows. It is terrible what some kids are exposed to these days. In the same area I was approached by a woman with over 900 dollars of food stamps wanting to sell them for pennies on the dollar so she could go out and party that night. Another time a woman told me what she would do for 25 dollars, and if I wanted everything I could dream of it would cost 50 dollars. As for the bus putting the child off with no one there, that is not suppose to happen. As I understand it, the child is suppose to be taken back to the school and the parents called. Bus drivers are supplied cell phones in Brunswick County, but are not suppose to use them unless they find a safe place to pull off the road and stop. If observed using a cell phone or even wearing a blue tooth they can lose their license for 1 year. All call records are also logged. As stated in the bus handbook students and parents are suppose to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the regular time of arrival in the AM and PM. It only takes a minute or so to put a child off at their stop. If the bus leaves the school at the regular time, in order for the bus to be over 15 minutes early getting to a stop, around 15 students would have to either be absent or picked up at school. I can see a bus being 15 minutes late getting there for numerous reasons, but not 15 minutes early. This doesn't sound right to me. I think the parents are stretching the truth a little here to make their story sound better. Riding a school bus is a priviledge, not a requirement. How many of you have ever driven a school bus? Do you have any idea how hard they are to back and turn around? There are reasons why they don't go down every road, they can't, it is impossible. There is also another option, go pick her up from school. Where there is a will there is a way. How far do you live from the school? You are right about one thing, the teachers, bus drivers, and everyone else that is caring for your child during the school day should treat each and everyone of them as if they are their own child. It only takes a little common sense. The parents also have to use a little common sense too. Once the bus arrives, if no one is there to meet the child, it can't just sit there blocking traffic and wait for someone to get there. Maybe if you see you will be late you could call the school and have them keep the child there until you can drive to pick her up. This guy was lucky, he had shoes, but he must have grown up somewhere else, because I only had to walk in the snow a few times, I had to walk in hot sand and try to dodge the sand spurs and rattle snakes. In the winter it was in cold mud for the 2 miles I lived from the school. Not many hills around here either.


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