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Police work for the rich

This is a perfect example of how the cops work for the rich white people and then treat the minority community like a scapegoat. Look at how fast the two boys have been arrested. They have not been convicted of anything, but were picked up in a sweep of likely suspects that could take the rap for the 'supposed' break ins. If these crimes that these boys have been charged with had happened in the mall parking lot, or on 5th street then the cops still would be lazing around looking for clues. For all we know because the crimes occurred at Landfall and Magnolia Greens these cops were told to go find somebody that fits the description and prosecute ASAP! These guys got picked up because of their skin colour and they don't stand a chance in the white court system that we have in NC today. This looks like a frame job by the cops. They cannot find a murderer when it must have been a white guy that did it but they sure can find a couple black kids to frame because some rich people got their stuff stole.


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