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Remember the lies by the tobacco industry?

The study mentioned in the MSNBC report compared 250 children born in 1990 or 1991. 98 of the children had an autism spectrum disorder: 52 had special educational needs, but no evidence of autism spectrum disorders; and 90 were developing normally. According to the press release, All the children had been vaccinated against MMR, but not all of them had been given both doses. Blood samples were taken, to check for the presence of persistent measles infection, or an abnormal immune response, indicated by circulating measles virus or increased antibody levels. Results of the blood sample analysis showed that there was no difference in circulating measles virus or antibody levels between the two groups of children. This finding was not affected by whether or not the child had received both MMR doses or whether or not they had regression. Furthermore, there was no evidence of bowel symptoms (enterocolitis) among the autistic children, irrespective of whether or not they had regression. Children who were autistic and those with special educational needs were less likely to receive the second dose of MMR, possibly reflecting parental concern about vaccination following the diagnosis of a developmental abnormality. The authors point out that theirs is now the third, and largest, study that has failed to show a link between the MMR jab and autism. Once again, I am guessing that those who support an MMR/autism connection will not be impressed. Most people would, of course, agree, that the MMR does not cause autism in most children - or most children would be autistic. But many parents of children with autism say that their child's regression occured, quite literally, within hours of the MMR injection. The question in many parents minds, then, remains: are some children predisposed to be more sensitive to the MMR than others? If so, is it the case that some children develop autistic symptoms as the result of the injection?


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