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Safe Vaccines?

There are ways to make safer vaccines. Unfortunately for now we are killing people and ruining the developmental potential of children in the name of progress. Sort of like we did when there was a race to MARKET the first polio vaccine. The upside for people like Ramsey and the World Bank is that the use of toxic vaccines creates an economy boost for health care and eliminates hungry mouths in third world countries. Link to the polio bioethics disaster. Page 68-69 "In the wake of these first bold experiments twelve of the treated children became paralysed and six died. Whether the vaccines were to blame, or whether the children became infected with wild strains of poliovirus against which the vaccines gave no protection is unclear. At that stage no-one was even certain how many different strains of polio existed. Nevertheless, at an emotion-charged meeting of the American Public Health Association in November 1935, Dr James Leake of the United States Public Health Service, whose investigations had convinced him the vaccines were to blame, passionately accused the researchers, according to one account, of murder. In the rather more discreet official record, he addresses Kolmer crying "I beg of you, Dr Kolmer, to desist from the human use of this vaccine".5 Rising to his feet, Kolmer replied with great dignity: "Gentlemen, this is one time I wish the floor would open up and swallow me." A bitter Park retorted "It looks as though, according to Dr Rivers, my vaccine is no good, and according to Dr Leake, Dr Kolmer's is dangerous." The vaccines were recalled and destroyed. Destroyed too were the reputations of the men who had made them. Maurice Park abandoned his work in disgrace and died heartbroken in 1939. Brodie lost his job at New York University Medical School. Kolmer returned to his post but moved on to other fields of research. The outcome of this minor disaster was to bring a virtual halt to work on polio vaccines for the next fifteen years, and to cast a long shadow over what was to follow. " And a link to a timeline questioning whether or not polio is infectious and supposes that it is environmental. Vaccines are both God and the Devil.


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