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USCGC Diligence

Minnesota here. Reading your page since my son has been assigned to the Diligence for some time. Fact is, he was probably "on point" for this boarding team in the article. You folks are fortunate to have such a great ship and crew as that of the Diligence to call your area their home. Not to belittle the formal military branches, but we are ALL fortunate to have such a dedicated military, particularly these in the USCG that risk their lives on a daily basis protecting US, our assets, and our lives, right here at home. When your boat is sinking at sea, when someone is trying to attack you or yours when you are out for a little enjoyment and relaxation aboard your boat, when someone is trying to smuggle drugs in that will end up at the local junior high school....who you gonna call?? Who else is going to come out and save you in the storm at sea? Who else is going to defend you and your family from the modern day pirate? Who else is going to descend from the sky in their orange helicopter and nail the drug pusher in the speedboat? I am proud of my son and his shipmates. A detail such as this story covers is one of the most dangerous jobs they have to directly keep US safe here at home. When you see a coastguardsman, male or female, please don't forget to say "thank you".


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