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If WPD would worry more

If WPD would worry more about the drug trafficing and a little bit less in reguards to speeding and other traffic worries maybe there would be a decrease in the trafficing of drugs.. Everytime you turn around there is a WPD sitting on the side of the road being more of a annoyance than anything just working on his "quota" that doesnt exsist, put more effort into following up on leads that are given to the WPD. I have personally contacted WPD with different issues in the concerne of drug trafficing but had no responce by them other than an officer came out and said he would try to make an appearence to try to scare them by driving by on occasion but effort in the arrest of these dirtbags. I guess that drugs are of a less concerne than a speeder. I would like to see more of the manpower of the WPD put forth the same effort into arresting drug dealers as they do speeders.


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