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Heroin addiction is a brain

Heroin addiction is a brain disease. It doesn't matter how, when, where or why they became addicts. What matters is that they need help...and more help than they're getting. Do you treat people with disrespect because they have high blood pressure or you don't. You treat them with care and compassion. Heroin addicts just like other opiate addicts could have been prescribed opioids for pain and then found themselves addicted. Not being able to find opioids/pain killers they find heroin. Kids are kids...some will try it because there friends are using it. Heroin will never go away...unless poppies are eradicated from the earth. Drug dealers will never go away. The drug dealing circuit is larger than just a dealer here or there...The people behind these operations probably sit beside you in church. It makes me sick. We need to re-educate our youth and pay more attention to our children. They don't want to be heroin addicts...they just are. Heroin addicts need help and compassion not scorn and hate. Stop hating on heroin addicts. If you know a heroin know the dangerous position they are in...reach out and help them. What we're doing in this area is not working...we need to do more. We need to make it easier for heroin addicts to receive help and be treated with respect.


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