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Ok I see where you say that

Ok I see where you say that because that's how I thought before until it happened to my boyfriend last year of 8 years. We are 23 with a 7 year old son. We both finished school and bought our 1st home 3 years ago with no state help. Well my boyfriend had hurt his back when he was younger riding bikes and still to this day has very bad back problems. He. Went to his doctors which his doc gave him a script for somas (not sure if I spelled that right). Well after being on them and then getting laid off cause real estate is not doing good he lost his ins. So no more scripts. I didn't think it was a big deal but then he told me he had bought oxycotten from someone he knows. I thought it was pills like what the doc gave him until I noticed it was getting worse. I went and looked up on the computer what it was. Its just like heroin. Well I found out that he was on heroin and he put himself in a rehab center. We now deal with hin craving all the time and he cries to me all the time because he is scared to go back. Its people like you why no one helps. I thought like that until god opened my eyes and helped me see that they are good people that just need the help and support of someone else. Until you help someone or seen it first hand don't say its a choice that they do.


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