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Let's do Math

$300,000 per year isn't much to sell your town for. Up North they are charging $30 per ton. Down here, it is going to be less. But let's look at maybe $20 per ton. We Know that there will be approximately 22,000 truck loads coming into this site per year. Per the numbers given by the company that was there selling this idea. Each truck can carry 10-18tons of stuff. so let's use 15 tons per truck. So, 22,000 loads, times 15 tons, times $20 would equal something like $6.6 MILLION! AND THAT IS ON THE LIGHT SIDE! We all know that a dump like this will seek to haul as much as they can, when they can and stay inside what the said they would operate at during the meeting. So, you are being lied to and are selling your town's future off cheap. How much of the difference between $6.6 million and $300,000 per year is this town council member(s) squirreling away and not telling you?


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