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Have you ever had pizza you

Have you ever had pizza you didn't like?... So pizza is bad, right? Another thing you might like to know, in a recent study, it was found that 106,000+ People die inside hospitals every year in America from CORRECTLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS. All drugs are viewed as poisons by the body whether you agree or not. And if you think our FDA is there to safeguard and approve "safe" drugs, you have a lot to learn about the truth and the FDA and our government in-general. Where do you think most lawmakers have their money invested? Drug compant stocks. A bit of a conflict of interest there? Do you know that there are over 600 full-time lobbyists for drug companies living in Washington, DC? Why do you think that is? T o make sure our healthcare is "safe"? Get a clue. Look-around, people are walking blobs because they eat our "safe" foods that are really "Frankenfoods" that barely resemble anything natural. So this DC uses prayer as an adjunct? So what if it puts her patients in a positive state of mind? In my 25+ years in healthcare, the power of a positive state of mind for health is more powerful than exercise and eating right. Think before you make blanket statements. Better yet, get educated. Nothing is worse in public opinion formation than when someone in a forum or mass media blurts and knows so little of what they speak...


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