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to the cwackopractor, i

to the cwackopractor, i think that your views are a bit flawed, have you ever been to a chiropractor? and most atheists are not really atheists, they just are against organized religion. and i know right now that how can you NOT believe in a greater power than you? you developed from two tiny tiny tiny cells and grew in your mothers womb, that in itself is a really big miracle! life is a miracle, and i suggest that you go and see a CHIROPRACTOR not for pain but so that your brain can communicate with your body by being free of any interferance in the nerves that get pinched when out of place. not only will that adjustment save your life, but once you experience a true, scientific, specific chiropractic adjustment you will be connected with the power that made you and once you realize that power your entire life can be transformed in nothing but a positive way. ps- i know plenty of doctors of english,history,science that DONT prescribe medicine..and if you look at the facts and figures we are one of the richest nations in the world yet we are 43rd in the world for healthcare righ next to slovakia and czech republic...drugs are not intentened to get you well just take one look at the state of health in many people in our country..a lot of them on medication who are dying because of the very pills they are popping to act as a bandaid to whats really going on in their body. symptoms are not bad- they are an indicator that something has gone wrong. when you have your check engine light go on in your car, take it to a mechanic, and put black tape over the light and tell you to leave...the problem is still there!!


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