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Don't dump on us!

How can someone say that a dump of this magnitude would be better than a new community of houses? It is insane to think that a dump made up of toxic old building materials and various other refuse could be a more productive economy base than a whole new community. These people that want to build this C&D dump just want to have their private dumping ground to put their own construction waste and whatever else into. Later they will be taking waste from anywhere and making obscene profits from it that will not get passed on to the town of North East. Even a council member stands to gain a large amount for his participation in bringing this here, but of course these details are private. He is making money on the backs of all the other members of the town! Your homes will all lose value, no matter what their numbers say. All around the country this has never increased ONE property value. And if this thing burns there are so many bad chemicals and toxins that will be released right into the lungs of the people and citizens of the town and county. After years of water sitting here and leaching through the piles, the poisons will be in the ground water that the future generations will have to utilize for resources. If you have kids and grandkids that live or will live in this area, you cannot be for the dump coming into poison their futures!


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